Monday, October 7, 2013

Dallas Anti-Aging Institute now offers testosterone pellet implants, which provide sustained delivery of the hormone for four to five months.

The benefits of restoring testosterone to healthy levels in both men and women are well-documented: greater energy, increased libido and protection against chronic illnesses, among others. To replenish this vital hormone in the most effective and lasting manner, the Dallas Anti-Aging Institute offers testosterone pellet implants, which provide sustained delivery of the hormone for four to five months. 

In a quick, safe and virtually painless in-office procedure, tiny testosterone pellets (rice sized) are inserted into fatty tissue in the hip area, where over a period of up to five months the hormone is time-released into the recipient's system. One of the advantages of this method is that the amounts of testosterone released vary in the same way they do naturally: more during periods of activity like exercise, and less when the individual is at rest or sleeping.

"Many of our patients find this to be the ideal solution for testosterone replacement," says Dr. Robert Newberry, Medical Director of the Anti-Aging Institute. "They report that the beneficial effects of the pellets—including a more robust sex drive, increased muscle mass, emotional well-being, improvement in erectile dysfunction in men, and an overall feeling of energy—can last for many months and thus require fewer treatments."

Another reason pellet therapy is popular among patients is its reasonable cost, which is virtually the same as receiving weekly testosterone injections. The pellet implant package includes an initial physical exam to diagnose a testosterone deficiency, all necessary laboratory work, and follow-up visits as needed to monitor efficacy. "We believe our testosterone pellet implants, excellent medical care and affordable fees are unmatched anywhere and set a new standard in hormone therapy," says Newberry.

Men and women who suffer from fatigue, depression, increased body fat, loss of sexual drive or function, and other debilitating symptoms of low testosterone levels are urged to contact the Dallas Anti-Aging Institute to set up an appointment by calling 214-265-8300 or emailing Further information about this and other wellness services offered at the Institute can be found at

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